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Bi-lingual Edition Modern Korean Literature set 6
| Vol. : Vol.9 |   | 2014·11·28 18:16 | HIT : 4,486 | VOTE : 552 |

76 Losing a Sister-Lee Kyung-ja
77 Father and Son-Yoon Jung-mo
78 Relics-Ku Hyo-seo
79 Insult-Cho Se-hui
80 Tuesday River-Son Hong-gyu

Aesthetic Priests

81 Grand Master-Lee Oisoo
82 Looking for a Horse-Lee Soon-won
83 Song of Everlasting Spring-Youn Dae-nyeong
84 Sakmae and Jami-Kim Byeol-ah
85 Alone Over There-Kim Hoon

The Naked in the Colony

86 Potatoes-Kim Tong-in
87 A Lucky Day-Hyŏn Chin’gŏn
88 Escape-Ch'oe So-hae
89 Transition-Han Seol-ya
90 The Underground Village-Kang Kyŏng-ae

In 2012 Asia Publishers launched an ambitious project of introducing Korean literature in all its diversity and strength to readers all over the world. And it has been executing its chosen agenda with unflagging determination, devotion and discrimination. Korean writers and literature are the primary beneficiaries of its activities, but ultimately book lovers all over the world will be the greater gainers. Asia Publishers will bring the world closer together.
_Suh Ji-moon, Professor Emerita, Korea University

The Bilingual Editions of modern Korean fiction issued by ASIA Publishers constitute the first extended series of Korean literature that incorporates both the original Korean text and an English translation.  The variety of voices included, many of them underrepresented in translation until now, bespeaks the vibrancy of a millennia-old literary tradition that is finally gaining international visibility.  Attractively produced and reasonably priced, these volumes offer an excellent introduction to the heart and soul of modern Korean fiction.
_Bruce Fulton, University of British Columbia

Asia Publishers’ Korean-English <Bi-lingual Edition: Modern Korean Literature> makes a major contribution to world literature, offering a thematically organized, diverse collection of the most important, cutting edge Korean writers working over the last fifty years. Masterfully translated, this bilingual series will prove invaluable to readers everywhere and to the classroom. Most highly recommended for those seeking a window to the richness of modern Korean literature and culture.
_Theodore Q. Hughes, Columbia University (Korea Foundation Associate Professor of Korean Studies in the Humanities, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures)

The new Asia Publishers series of Korean literary works will be a most welcome addition deed to the resources for teaching about Korean literature.  The editors and translators are among the very best and most widely experienced in the field, and the works chosen for the series are key parts of the modern to contemporary literary world of Korea. Korean literature’s reach, the chance for particular writers and their works to be known and enjoyed, will be wonderfully extended for an international readership, but at the same time, to have the texts in bilingual editions means also that for advanced Korean language classes as well as courses on Korean literature, a deep new well-spring of fresh materials has been opened.  As someone who teaches and reads Korean literary work, I am delighted to welcome the new series.
_David R. McCann, Harvard University (Korea Foundation Professor of Korean Literature)
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