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Asia Culture Network 방문자 : 312명  
『Asia culture Network』 is the united association of 『The laboratory of Asian literature』, 『The database Bureau of Vietnam culture』and 『The promotion project of ‘The hall of Asian Culture』 which have set the studies of Asia culture and cultural exchange. Started to form on 30th of April in 2004, it was established on 20th of february in 2005 in succession to the united project of 『The research and study on Asian culture and art』,『The database Bureau of Inter-Asia culture for foreigners in Korea』 and 『The promotion project of ‘The hall of Asian Culture』 which were operated by former three associations.
Young Korean Writer's Solidarity for Vietnam 방문자 : 207명  
Young korean Writer's Solidarity for VIETNAM is founded in 1994 by several writers who were concerned about the relation between Vietnam and Korea. Because we were all under age of 45 at that time,we din't have any experiences to take part in last Vietnamese War. But we all can't be free from that sad history for the conscience's sake of writer.
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