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NO. 4 Winter 2014 -STORYTELLING- Hong Kong
| Vol. : Vol.9 |   | 2014·12·29 11:49 | HIT : 2,975 | VOTE : 630 |

Editor’s Corner On Hong Kong and Hong Kong Literature
Jung Eun-kyoung|ROK

Special Focus: Hongkong

The Light in North Point and Memories of Hong Kong Literature
Chan Kwok Kou|Hongkong

Four Perspectives on the 2014 Hong Kong Protests
Ryu Yeong-ha|ROK

Between Colonizers
Rey Chow|Hongkong

Hong Kong Literature: Entanglement Between West and East, Tradition and Modernity
Kim Hye-joon|ROK

A Forest of Pipes
Hon Lai Chu|Hongkong

From Hong Kong Martial Arts Fiction to Chinese National Literature
Yim Choon-sung|ROK

A Story of Hong Kong Movies
Ju Sung-chel|ROK


Bullet Fee and more
Kim Sa-in|ROK

Hostess of a Tavern in Front of a Church and more
Kim Tae-soo|ROK

ASIA’s Author: Kim Yeon-su

How I Write
Kim Yeon-su|ROK

Happy New Year to Everyone
Kim Yeon-su|ROK

Time to Learn Foreign Languages
Lee Kyung-jae|ROK

K-Fiction Lee Jang-wook

Old Man River
Lee Jang-wook|ROK

Writer’s Note
Lee Jang-wook|ROK

Between the Things That Flow By
Baik Ji-eun|ROK

ASIA‘s Fiction

The Ghost of Firozsha Baag
Rohinton Mistry|India

A Hundred Japans 1

Yatagarasu, a Mythical Three-Legged Raven: a Symbol of the Japanese National Football Team
Kim Eung-kyo|ROK

The Ku Sang Young Writer’s Award Winner

Yeopo, the Invincible
Yang Dong-hyeok|ROK

Book Reviews

Oh, You Tepid Heart!:  Abu’l-Qasim Ferdowsi, Shahnameh
Bang Hyeon-seok|ROK

Tragedy of an African Who Couldn’t Overcome the Fate of a Migratory Bird: Tayeb Salih, Season of Migration to the North
Lee Seok-ho|ROK

Asia Correspondence

A Perspective on Turkish Literature
Metin Turan|Turkey

Rebels in Holy City
Zuhair Al Jezairy|Iraq

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