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Modern Korean literature published in English from the Hankyoreh
 ASIA    | 2012·08·13 17:04 | HIT : 7,954 | VOTE : 2,161 |

New translations help find wider audience for uniquely Korean works
By Choi Jae-bong, literature correspondent

A series of Korean short stories has been published in both English and Korean. The publishing house Asia has released the stories, titled ‘Bi-lingual Edition: Modern Korean Literature’ in its literary quarterly.

On July 25, the publishing house showed 15 books including The Wounded, by Yi Cheong-jun, and Soul of Darkness by Kim Won-il. The series includes works by other leading Korean writers including Hyun Ki-young, Park Wan-so, Kim Seung-ok, Hwang Sok-yong, Shin Kyung-sook, Gong Ji-young and more.

“There has been a demand for translated Korean literature, as K-pop and the Korean wave sparked interest all over the world,” said literary critic Lee Kyung-jae at a press conference held in a bookstore in front of Hongik University on July 25. “There are 100 works scheduled to be published. 50 of them will come out by end of this year.”

“I had felt difficulties communicating with foreign readers, since the basic structure had been lacking until now,” said Cheo Yun, the author of the book, The Last of Hanako. “I’m expecting this bilingual series to help to build the base for communication. I’m so glad for the publication.”

“So far, when I read some translated Korean literature, I could easily tell that they had been translated due to the style,” said Brad, a drummer of famous band Busker Busker, who participated in the press conference as a reader. “But the works in this bilingual literature series are so well translated, flowing and elegant. I didn’t feel like I was reading works in translation.”


Bi-lingual Edition Modern Korean Literature, fifteen-story first edition


Division I

1. The Wounded - Yi Cheong-jun

2. Soul of Darkness - Kim Won-il

3. Sun-I Samchon - Hyun Ki-young

4. Mother’s Stake I - Park Wan-so

5. The Land of the Banished - Jo Jung-rae



6. Record of a Journey to Mujin - Kim Seung-ok

7. The road to Sampo - Hwang Sok-yong

8. The Man Who Was Left as Nine Pairs of Shoes - Yun Heung-gil

9. Our Friend’s Homecoming - Shin Sang-ung

10. The Poet of Wonmi-dong - Yang Kwi-ja



11. Chinatown - Oh Jung-hee

12. The Place Where the Harmonium Was - Shin Kyung-sook

13. The Last of Hanako - Choe Yun

14. Human Decency - Gong Jiyoung

15. Poor Man’s Wife - Eun Hee-kyung


Translated by Kim Ji-seung, Hankyoreh English intern

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